Is a a winery with a long history of “hands and land.” A story of Abruzzo, of Italy. Our grandfather Pippo emigrated to America from Abruzzo at only 22 years old.

All he owned was a cardboard suitcase and a few pence, but he also carried with him the desire to return home, for that suitcase to be filled with the land of Abruzzo, to cultivate it, to “think better.”

And so it was.

A hundred years have passed since then.

Today those lands are home to our vineyards, and here we are, still in our grandfather’s farmhouse, with our winery.

The aim of our brand is to convey the unique and unmatched character of the lands that host our vines, midway between the sea and the mountains, on a protected and enclosed hillside.

First and foremost, organic wine, our choice.

Abruzzo is known as one of the “Green Regions of Europe,” with its territory composed mostly of national parks, regional parks, and reserves stretching from the sea to the mountains.

Our vineyards are located along the wine route in the province of Chieti, between Ortona on the Adriatic sea and the Majella massif, on a protected hillside that has gained recognition for its biodiversity thanks to its proximity to both the sea and the mountains.

We are inside a natural fortress

that offers protection to our lands and that has allowed us to develop a system of viticulture that is particularly well suited to high quality organic cultivation without the use of pesticides and without the need for invasive approaches.

The wines we create are organic, biodynamic, vegan, and

We have chosen to embrace nature, sustainability, and traditional vineyard management. We harvest and prune our vines by hand, taking time and care over each bunch, vine after vine. We are allies of nature.

We have selected our best bottles so that we can share with our customers the experience of the organic every day, as a lifestyle that is perfectly in tune with our eating habits, in keeping with the Italian and Mediterranean diet, with our cuisine that is rooted in tradition while still looking to the future. The antidote to “it’s all the same” is attention to detail, to the specifics that make a wine unique and without equal.

Biological, Demeter (biodynamic certification), Vegan (vegan wine)


Our brand’s logo represents the gentle curves of every corner of Abruzzo: the curves of the nearby mountains are reflected in those of the hills that touch the curves of the waves of the sea and open like the leaves of a pinwheel flower caressed by the wind: an elegant, fragrant, delicate flower, unique because it blooms only in our vineyards, unique just like our wines.